Your Voice Matters

Your Voice Matters

One of the best ways to support the Deer Park Fiber project is with a letter of support. Letters of support will be given to the City Council and a few will be selected to be published in other locations, including the Deer Park Fiber website. Your letter of support will help the City Council […]

Broken Internet

The Internet is Broken!

Why we need an open access fiber network. It is a simple fact that Deer Park has some of the slowest and most expensive internet in the country. Not to mention we frequently don’t have internet access at all. Amazingly other nearby communities do not have the same problems, for example Pend Oreille County, Grant […]

Results of City Council Meeting May 17th

This last Wednesday we presented the concept of building a municipal owned fiber network for high speed internet to the Deer Park City Council. The meeting was very well attended. Fiber broadband was the first order of new business. After we presented the concept, we answered the council members questions. They had a number of […]

Deer Park Fiber on Facebook

Deer Park Fiber now has a page on Facebook. To make sure that you get all the latest news follow the steps below and see the image below. Like the Facebook Page – Mouse over Following Click on See First

City Council Flyer

To help get the word out we have created a flyer about the City Council meeting this Wednesday. Please help us get this flyer posted at local businesses or hand it out to your neighbors. Click the link below to download the flyer. City Council Flyer

Help Spread the Word

We know that fiber internet will be a huge positive change in Deer Park. We need your help to get the word out. With more people supporting we will all benefit from better results included lower connection costs and quicker response by the city. The May 17th City Council meeting will be very important because […]

Deer Park Fiber Survey

The next step in bringing high-speed internet to Deer Park is to get everyone that is interested to fill out a survey. The survey is short and easy to answer. The answers will be used to create plans and budgets. It might also impact which areas of Deer Park get the new internet service first. […]

NoaNet Data Center

NoaNet Spokane Tour

We were recently provided the chance to tour some of NoaNet’s Spokane facilities. NoaNet occupies the entire 4th floor and part of the 5th floor in the US Bank building downtown Spokane. They have two other major locations, one on the west side of Washington state and one in Oregon. We started by visiting their […]

Fiber on City Council Agenda

The May 17th City Council meeting will be very important because the topic of building a city-owned fiber network will be on the agenda. During this meeting, we will be presenting information about bringing high-speed, affordable, and reliable internet to Deer Park. Repersentives from NoaNet may also be present to answer questions. It is important that […]