NoaNet Spokane Tour

NoaNet Data Center
One of NoaNet's Data Centers located in Spokane, Wa.

We were recently provided the chance to tour some of NoaNet’s Spokane facilities. NoaNet occupies the entire 4th floor and part of the 5th floor in the US Bank building downtown Spokane. They have two other major locations, one on the west side of Washington state and one in Oregon.

We started by visiting their NOC (Network Operations Center). The NOC is basically high-level tech support for the statewide network. The NOC was arranged with a dozen or so desks in a wide open room, each desk with four computer monitors. The light levels were down low to prevent glare on the monitors and prevent eye strain. Each monitor displays the current status of critical infrastructure spread across the state. The NOC is staffed 24/7 all year long. We were told that in most cases they are able to catch and fix problems before anyone notices.During the

During the tour, we also visited their data center and one of their local POPs (Point Of Presence). The photo is from their main data center in the Spokane area. We honestly planned to take more pictures however we were so excited about the potential for Deer Park that we forgot to take the photos.